Welcome to LGN Forum - and a short FAQ

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Welcome to LGN Forum - and a short FAQ

Post by LimitedGameNews » Thu May 23, 2019 12:02 am

Hey folks, 8-)

for those of you who don't know me - I'm Dennis, 39 years old and a video game enthusiast since the Commodore C64 days.
About 1.5 years ago, I had this idea to start LimitedGameNews for fun and because video game collecting is a huge hobby of myself. I am especially attracted by limited video game releases, but also by video games which don't see a widespread global release, like the famous Spanish and/or German exclusive retail releases for various current-gen platforms.
Today there are well over 4.000 followers on Twitter and I get around 1.000 clicks average per day on my blog. This may not seem like a lot to many people, but I had never thought that we would get this far.
Thanks to each one of you. I really mean it.

Actually, I have been dreaming of starting a forum for the LGN community already a year ago.
Fast forward to the present and... here we are.
I hope you like this place I've created for you and hope we can shape a small community together.

Also, a short FAQ to get some things out of the way right at the start. :mrgreen:

1. This forum is only a test - at least for now.
I have been using various forum/bulletin boards, whatever you wanna call them, as a user for many, many, many years.
Come to think of it, I remember registering to the first forums around the late 90s/early 2000s. But this is the first time I'm seriously setting up a forum on my own and I don't know how much maintenance will be required to run such a thing.
Some of you may know that LGN is 'only' a hobby. I have a full-time job which is can be quite challenging and also time-consuming. I'm also a caring husband who likes to spend some time with his wife and of course, there is the NES Commando - a German YouTube channel which a friend of mine and I do together (https://youtube.com/c/nescommando). If you speak German or don't care about the language, why not subscribe? We work together with various indie developers and indie publishers sometimes to stream the video games we are all here for. Quite often we will get the opportunity to stream a game before the physical version is available for (pre-) order, so we can even help you decide if you really need that game on your shelf. The NES Commando also runs a website, various social media accounts on all big platforms and every 2 years we release a Nintendo Entertainment System PAL B price guide.
But I digress. :lol:
Most of you will probably know, that this forum is only one component of LGN - up till today the main components are my blog (http://www.limitedgamenews.com) and Twitter profile (https://twitter.com/LimitedGameNews).
The NES Commando is the only part I do with a friend, everything else mentioned is done all by myself.
Bottom line: Let's see if it's feasible for me to run a forum on top. This is also the reason why I want to keep this forum as lightweight as possible, but I'll be listening to feature requests because ultimately, this forum is made for you - the LGN community.

2. Why a forum? This is 2019, we have Discord, Facebook Groups, and other fancy stuff, ya know?
Well, yes... but some of you have been asking for a forum and this is what is now.

3. So, a forum, eh? OK!
Have fun and be nice to others. :D
- founder of LimitedGameNews

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